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Parkour Programs is a revolutionary modular training program for health and fitness clubs who want to provide their members with a dynamic and life-changing approach to movement.

Our Parkour Programs encapsulate the inspiring discipline of parkour, a holistic training method originally developed in France. Drawing on decades of experience as athletes, trainers, parkour trainers and fitness education professionals we have designed a natural movement training program that offers a complete and holistic method of practical movement development. Parkour Programs teach people to access their instinctive, innate movement capabilities through entering the ‘flow state’ of optimal performance.

Physical Training

The first thing to make very clear is that this is not just an exercise program. Nor even is it simply a fitness program. Words like ‘exercise’ and ‘fitness’ mean very little when taken out of a real-world context, and they imply a separation between one’s physical training and the rest of one’s life – and at Parkour Generations we believe this view to be not only sub-optimal in terms of producing effective and capable athletes but also unhealthy and unsustainable. We believe your entire life should be your training and your training should carry over into and benefit every aspect of your life.




Parkour Programs is a licensed training program of content and instructor training, for any serious health or fitness club to introduce practical movement training to their members. Our programs can be applied to any environment using existing gym equipment, or clients can purchase our bespoke Parkour Programs Portable Equipment designed specifically for indoor parkour training in studios, gyms and sports halls.


GROUNDWORK is based on quadrupedal locomotion techniques inspired by, among other origins, Georges Hébert’s Natural Method of Training and used for the past twenty years to build up parkour athletes’ physical strength, endurance, mobility and resilience.


JUMP is a training Module based on one of the fundamental human locomotion skills: jumping. Humans are fantastic jumpers, due to the anatomy of our highly mobile hips, long lower limbs and complex ankle joints. Jumping is a sophisticated and complex movement engaging several muscle groups at once, and is one of the most effective ways to increase your power, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility and spatial awareness.


FLOW is a concept of movement over varied terrain without losing speed, momentum or fluidity. The drills of FLOW therefore comprise vaults, dives and specific movements to enable the participant to clear obstacles in his/her path without breaking continuity.

With these 3 Modules firmly under their belts your new Parkour Programs Instructors will be able to run Parkour Programs classes for your members throughout the week, improving their own skills by accessing our online Instructor Portal regularly for more drills, lesson plans, inspiration and tips. They will also be able to attend Parkour Programs workshops led by our elite Master Trainers around the world.



Continuing development of the instructors continues with delving ever deeper into the movements of the three starter Modules and by attending further training courses on the expanded Modules.


CLIMB is a training program based on climbing and traversing movements which enable us to transfer our bodyweight up and across varied terrain with fluidity, grace and ease.


AGILITY is the expression of our incredibly varied movement ability as humans, based on rotations, flight, spatial awareness and multi-planar motion.


BALANCE is a holistic program that encourages mindful movement through proprioceptive and mobile balance training, reconnecting body and mind and reducing stress.


BRACHIATE encapsulates the unique swinging and brachiating patterns devised by parkour practitioners moving through their urban or natural environments, reminding us of our primate heritage and movement capacity.



Our Parkour Programs are the result of decades of training, research and practical experimentation by the thought-leaders of Parkour Generations, founders of the globally-recognised ADAPT Parkour Coaching certifications and world leaders in parkour education and performance.

Parkour Generations introduced its initial concept adapted to the fitness community in 2012, the Parkour Fitness Specialist Certification (PFS). PFS was the world’s first and only parkour-inspired fitness program, designed with professional fitness trainers in mind, and operates in collaboration with many national and international fitness certifying bodies and standards. Parkour Fitness Specialist provides a balanced and thorough introduction to the concepts of natural movement training, helping PTs implement some of these concepts into their own training paradigms. PFS went on to become the recognised parkour fitness certificate in the UK with YMCA Awards, giving people a way to become a qualified Gym Instructor or PT through our movement concepts.

As the Guest of Honour of the Asia Fitness Convention the same year, the workshops of Parkour Generations received the largest audience and gathered amazing feedback from the whole industry. The team received similar success at different conventions around the world with the same enthusiasm from the public. Since then the team has redoubled its efforts to develop the optimal training experience marrying direct market needs with the very best knowledge and experience Parkour Generations has to offer.

Parkour Programs is the evolution of those concepts into the fitness world through methodology and a full program of content. The programs are fine-tuned to offer a new form of effective, safe, movement-oriented and truly practical training to the whole world.


Parkour Programs offers a bespoke range of portable, modular equipment designed specifically to support the movements of parkour.

Manufactured to the highest standards, easily moved by one person, rearranged within seconds to create a whole new layout, the Parkour Programs equipment means your training space changes from session to session, enabling constant adaptation and endless challenges.

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